Joykick Fairy Garden Boat Kit

Product name: Fairy Garden Boat Kit

Model number: FGS-0082017

Manufacturer: Joykick

Material Type: Resin

Color: Multicolored

Dimensions: 10 x 6.9 x 5.7 inches

Included in Fairy Garden Boat Kit you will find:

  1. Family Boat with 2 Paddles (8.3 x 3.5 x 3 Inches)
  2. Calm River (8.7 x 5 Inches)
  3. Fairy Father Orin (2.5 Inches H)
  4. Fairy Tara and Little Elfie (2.5 Inches H)

Quick facts about Joykick Fairy Garden Boat Kit:

A SCENE OF SERENITY — Add a touch of tranquility to your fairy garden with a calming water piece. See your fairy family enjoying a relaxing river boat trip, as the father rows while mother and daughter share a bonding moment.

HAND PAINTED — Each set is hand painted for intricate details and finishes. Your chance to own a high quality fairy ornaments exclusively designed by Joykick. Perfect for beautifying your garden with a sense of wonder.

BUILT TO LAST — Made with durable, designer quality polyresin and finished with a protective waterproof coating. Each item is individually wrapped and packaged securely using bubble wrap to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.

MIX AND MATCH — All individual pieces can be moved to your liking and combined with other Joykick fairy garden kits. The clear blue water adds contrast to your existing garden sets and makes a great complementary item.

FUN FAMILY BONDING ACTIVITY — Setting up Fairy Garden Boat Set is a creative bonding activity for parents and kids. Get your entire family involved, everyone from children to grandparents will love creating an adorable fairy paradise.

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