Joykick Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit

Product name: Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit

Model number: FGS-0022017

Manufacturer: Joykick

Material Type: Resin

Dimensions: 8.8 x 4 x 9.3 inches

Included in Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit you will find:

  1. Mystical Fish Pond (7.6 x 4.7 x 2 Inches)
  2. Fairytale Log Bridge (7 x 2 x 2.5 Inches)
  3. Water Fairy Willow (2.5 Inches H)
  4. Fairy Lilly with her Bunny (3 Inches H)

Quick facts about Joykick Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit:

BUILT IN DURABILITY — The enjoyment of owning this uniquely quality crafted Fairy Garden Fish Pond Set will last for years because it is also built to last. It also makes a great gift for family or friends.

APPEALING TO EVERYONE — The charming details of this set make it the perfect addition to any outdoor décor and a great start for your do-it-yourself fairy garden because it appeals to everyone's tastes.

HAND PAINTED — Each of the individual fairy figurines is precision hand painted to give it a uniqueness all its own. You will feel real pleasure knowing that you and your family can take pride in owning this one of a kind art.

INCLUDED IN THE SET — Included in this set is a Mystical Fish Pond, Fairytale Log Bridge, Fairy Lilly with her Bunny and Water Fairy Willow. That's what we call real value for the money you spend.

POWERFUL GUARANTEE — We carefully package each piece in this set in specially cut Styrofoam containers to protect them from damage during shipping to your home.

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